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  • Spray Guard

    perfect paint protection solution

    no visible edges   /   self-healing   /   polishable   /   no adhesive
  • Spray Wrap

    the only perfect car wrap

    no visible edges   /   actual paint finish   /   paint protection properties   /   polishable   /   no adhesive
  • PlastiDip

    change the look of your car
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  • Professional Grade Products and Applicators

    We are the first ever in the region with professional grade products, equipment and applicators. Our tailor-made spraybooth was designed for our Spray Guard Paint Protection Coating to ensure the best quality for your car.
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Spray Guard

Innovatively perfect paint protection Read More

Spray Wrap

Seamless color wrap with paint protection property - best of both worlds Read More


The first professional grade PlastiDip applicator in Thailand Read More

Metallic Coating

Protect your car from dirt and pollution and make your car even shinier than glass coating Read More

Diamond Coating

The most luxurious coating in the world Read More
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About Motortec

Motortec offers the perfect solution for protecting the finest of cars.

We understand the unique environmental demands that cars are subject to in the region, and have developed our product offering to reflect this.

Our own innovative paint protection solution "Spray Guard" offers perfect protection that PPF cannot achieve. And we also have an exclusive selection of industry-leading products for paint protection, window tinting and detailing - applied by a highly skilled in-house team. Our ethos from the moment your car arrives, until we return it back to you - is to ensure only the highest level of craftsmanship at every step.

Motortec is located in Minburi, Bangkok and houses the latest paint protection technology. Our state-of-the-art facility has been designed specifically for the application of our products with the latest equipment such as wheel aligner, computerized measuring system and spraybooth tailored to our need.

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Motortec Facility

Tailormade Spraybooth
Humidity Control System
Tire Changer & Balancer

Spray Guard / Spray Wrap

  • image Perfect visual with no visible edges as seen in PPF or vinyl wrap.

    No Visible Edges

  • image The only paint protection technology that can achieve maximum protection up to 500 micron thickness

    Ultimate Paint Protection

  • image No more dull finish of vinyl wrap. With Spray Wrap you can have your car wrapped in actual automotive 2K paint with the finish that looks just like real car paint.

    Wrap with real car paint finish

  • image With addition of metallic flake layer, boost your car glassy and shiny looks.

    Glassier and Shinier

  • image Our Spray Guard is very durable. You can treat it just like actual car paint. It is sandable, buffable, polishable and you can even apply glass coating on top of it.

    Sandable Just Like Real Paint

  • image Spray Wrap is a professional grade product unlike PlastiDip or glass coating. It is required professional grade equipment to properly apply Spray Wrap to your car. Our tailormade spraybooth and equipment will make your protective layer last more than 6 years.

    Professional Grade Product

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